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Friday, May 2, 2008

Destiny of Life- A self-Analysis-Zee TV Serial Dulhann

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Cat-Mouse Game is Over:
Kamana succumbs to Samrat’s constant wooing. She fails to understand that her nightmare has just begun. She does not know that she is just another father on Samrat’s hat. Samrat the king pf deception and manipulation returns home victorious. Sindoora is extremely pleased at her disciple‘s success. She knows for sure that she has trained Samrat well enough to wrap people around his finger & achieve what he aims at.

Meanwhile Rajib the real father of Amar, overhears a conversation between Sindoora & Chandra. He comes to know that Sindoora’s hired hand has been following & taking photographs of the family Diviya has been living with specially of the sun Amar who is a tourist guide. He goes to get a peek at the photograph & comes to learn about Sindoora’s fear of Amar being reincarnated Sagar. She can feel the danger of her imminent downfall. She knows that she cannot escape from her destiny. But she does not want give up without a fight.

Life- A Self-Analysis

Life gains fulfillment because you are surrounded by people who love you unconditionally for what you are with all your faults and misgivings. This love gives you the reason for coexisting. But at a point in your life you suddenly realize the people who you trust, you depended upon are double faced. All this years they just used you and exploited you what happens then-your whole world your belief system shatters into pieces. You start to doubt your own existence because the root of your being –that is your relationship with parents and the people you grew up with does make any sense any more. You start to view life in a new light. Did they ever really love you or just exploited you? Has your attitude somehow damaged your relationship? How can relationship fall apart just because you don not see eye to eye on certain matter? Why is it always a fact that people who are close to you will undoubtedly hurt you the most/
This world is a strange place –here the people who you think of as your own people hurt you the most. Relationship has no value –trust no one –do no good because you are sure to get stabbed on the back. Tackle relationship on face value, do not try to get involved this will shield you from heartbreak and the intense pain you feel when your own lets you down. You simply lose the yearning to live. Sagar’s mistake was his complete trust and love for his sister. It was different fro him to doubt the cunning Sindoora. He lacked foresights and intelligence which brought about his downfall. The lesson is clear, keep your eyes and ears open and never trust the people close to you, specially, with whom you have blood relationship.


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