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Friday, April 11, 2008

Zee TV Drama Serial -Dulhann-Bindia's Dream

Bindia’s Dream Shatters into Pieces

Bindia in a bit of madness tries to poison Diviya but right at the end her conscience does not allow her to harm Diviya. She thrones out sweets. She knows she is helpless because it is impossible to win someone’s heart by force . Little does she know that she will never get Amar as he is destined for Diviya only. Bindia understands that she is fighting a losing battle and plans to commit suicide because life has no meaning without Amar. Meanwhile Amar’s mother who is not his real mother brings to light a fact or prediction by a priest that Amar is going to leave home at the age of 22. He said Amar was born for some greater purpose in life.

Bindia fails to fall to her death because Diviya happens to be there at the right place at the right point of time. Wow! What stroke of luck that Diviya has to go light seeing in that some locality and is able to save her. She understands the love Bindia feels for Amaar.

Bindia accuses Diviya of taking away her childhood sweetheart Amar from her. Diviya tries to convince her that they are just friends. But she herself realizes finally that it is not true. She does have a soft corner fro Amar. But she decides to go back to Delhi and then back to England. She makes excuse of her visa expiry and her need to leave as soon as possible. She has no intention of coming between the lovers and cause any misunderstanding. She buys a ticket to go back to Delhi and inform the host family of her travel plans.

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