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Friday, March 28, 2008



Family Value

Florida Gator Family's Sad Story of their Oak Tree



Doing Being

Bindia the village girl is deeply in love with Amar,who has no interest in her. She tries to trap Amar by taking his younger brother Chintu's help -but comes Diviya to steal the show. Bindia stands no chance because destiny has other plans in store. Divya has to meet Amar to make reincarnation a truth.

She Adores

Sindoora the resident evil has assumed a new role, that of a political leader. She embodies the tune colours of all political leaders. They are the "Ghandhi Nali Ka Kira" in the true sense.
Her past heinous crimes suits her to portray this new role.The leaders are so powerful and corrupted that they stopped nothing. They finance and protect the people of the underworld. and will go to any length to serve their purpose. The wrietr deserves appaud for choosing Sindoora as a political leader.
Vidhiya's chachi, Hema the devious, greedy bitch is trying to secure place for her grandchild Kamana in the Singh's family-she has found accomplice in Sindoora who wants to seperate the odd couple Diviya and the notorious Samrat.




Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Diviya Vows to Take Revenge:

The meeting between Amar and Diviya turns into a disaster because Diviya is robbed and she starts to distrust all tourist guides . Her accusing remarks angers Amar and he decides to teach a lesson. He puts her through hell and his enrages Dviya and she frames Amara of stealing her diamond bracelet. Amar is arrested and Diviya is pleased for being able to pay back for the insults she suffered . Later, she meets Amar’s her, the priest and realized she has really gone too far and repents. She bails Amar out the jail. And asks for forgiveness but the relationship already turned sour. It is too late for truce . The war of words turns into a war of action to disgrace the other. Amar throws Diviya out of the hotel using his influence on the hotel management. The story continues to unfold in the back drop of a riot. And faces a lot of life threatening situation. Amar realizes his extreme action has put an innocent girl into such turmoil. She rushes to rescue her from the trouble and is able to safely take her to the airport. But fate has their plans and she is unable to board a plane because she had no cash. Coincidently she meets the “Shadu” who had advised her to come for some unseen task and cannot leave the city yet. His prediction come true and she is going to spend the coming days with Amar.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reincarnation of Vidya & Sagar - in Dulhann

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New Twist In Dulhann.com



of Vidya & Sagar that is going  to be the new main Theme of
the popular love epic Dulhann-the story of an oppressed illiterate village bride
married into a wealthy family . She had to deal with a mentally challenged
husband an dthree evil step sisters who conspired constantly to make her life a
living hell. Sindura the resident evil puts Vidya the trusting innocent bride to
a new test everyday of her life. But Vidya manages to cross all the hurdles
because of her deep rooted faith in God. She wins  her husband’s hearth and
exposes Sindura’s evil intention. Sagar becomes aware of his sister’s true evil
identity and tries to teach  her a  lesson. But as usual Sindura the master
planner defeats them & they both get killed.


Lose the faith in goodness:


Such a turn of the events has
put a damp on the show. People will loose faith in goodness to win over evil
than what good does it do for being d such a religious person. There are certain
discrepancies  which look like glaring mistakes, the Police , Chinnu, Sagar’s
cousin and the person who impersonated as police who was constantly threatening
Sindura, all knew about her sole aim in life was to get rid of step brother &
his bride. So why didn’t the follow Sindura all the time. Thsese few episodes
leading to the murder of the couple doesn’t seem to add up. The defeat of
goodness at the hand of evil gives a wrong message.


Justice not served:


The Present situation in the
serial does not reflect the reality of life. If there has to be a reincarnation
to avenge the wrong doings of the evil characters then there is no hope for the
world. If justice is not served and truth has to face such disgraced then humanity is in for a great shock.


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