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Thursday, February 28, 2008


You all know about the story of the poor Indian little girl Biddya
& Sagar in Dulhann and their death in the hands of Sindura. The Story has taken a new twist after the resurrection of their souls as new Dibia -a modern girl from English country and Sagar (same name) in the new Dulhann.
We will welcome comments from all class of Indian and other people watching the drama "Dulhann" who can tell what is coming next. And we feel one day we will make a draw who wins the raffle by telling the correct direction of the twist of story. Please write here freely. or send your any comments to :petrogil1@yahoo.com. And we will publish your comments with your names and address(if no objection).Good Luck !

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Dulhann will take its new twisting turn and this time Sindura will get punished for her crime.